What Are The Benefits of Empowering Women?

There are many benefits to the empowerment of women other than human rights. Women that are given the opportunity for education and to stand up for themselves not only enjoy personal victories, but it is a victory for the entire nation. There are many benefits to the empowerment of women.

Birth Rates


Women that have access to education and economic opportunities have fewer children than those that do not have a high social status. There have been many government operated programs to help control the birth rate but the empowerment of women is the only thing that has been effective. Women that are empowered have work and importance outside of the household. They do not have the time to take on multiple children. Smaller families are more economically feasible and will help areas where overpopulation is a concern.


Economic Advantages


When women are empowered and part of the workforce it is better for the economy. There are more people paying into the tax system which will help the country as a whole. Countries where women are suppressed often suffer from economic hardships. If women are uneducated that leads to an inferior workforce. Women that are empowered can hold important jobs and can be members of growing fields such as healthcare. This is a benefit for everyone.


Global Economy


Women that are empowered are good for the economy in their country and they provide benefits to the global economy as well. Around half of the popular in the world is female. If these women are not able to be employed and do not have the skills needed to contribute this will have an effect on the global economy.


Safe Working Environment


Women that are empowered can enjoy a safe working environment. They have the knowledge to spot unsafe conditions and can take a stand to make the change. If women do not have their knowledge they will continue to work in a dangerous condition.




Women that are empowered do not have to rely on men for anything. They do not need a man to pay for their housing, take care of their children, and provide other means of support. A woman that is empowered is able to take care of herself. She can be with a partner of her choice because she chooses to and no because she has to. If a woman is in an abusive situation she does not have to stay with that man. She will have the means to support herself and get out of a bad situation.


Help Others


Women that are empowered can hold high positions in a country or they can hold positions of power. This allows them to be involved in the decision-making process. They can help other groups including minorities, and those that have been disadvantaged gain a fair place in society.


These are some of the benefits of having a culture that values empowered women. Not only is empowerment good for the individual woman, but it is also good for society as a whole.